2018 Day with the Masters

Excellent Day with the Masters!  At this year’s Day with the Master’s, there were four different seminars that included agility drills, sparring drills, attacking and counter attacking drills, and Bo versus Sai attack and counter… [read more]

2018 Elkton Dojo Halloween Contest

On October 29th, Elkton Dojo enjoyed a Halloween costume party. The students had to make their own costumes. Great job everyone! Pizza, snacks, and games tonight during the kids class. Fun time!… [read more]

2018 Arnis Seminar in Elkton

In August, Sensei Popp led an outstanding Arnis seminar at the Hombu Dojo. He covered basics using both partner and bag work to practice with safety and practicality using the weapons.  The class worked basic strikes… [read more]

5th Annual Hayride and Bonfire

Elkton Dojo Hay Ride On October 24th the Order of Isshinryu Karate Elkton Dojo enjoyed our 5th annual hayride and bonfire at Milburn’s Apple Orchard. Lots of laughs, roasting hotdogs,marshmallows , S’mores and of course… [read more]