The Sai

By Sensei Jimenez In the Order of Isshinryu, we learn to use a weapon called Sai which is a type of “dagger”, frequently used as a club or stick but potentially for stabbing also. It… [read more]

Kata Guruma

.youtube_sc iframe.yp{display:none;}The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube. Video for kata guruma… [read more]

Karate — One Way To Defend Yourself

This article originally appeared in The Bay Star on September 1, 1971. Note:P The younger you start, the better youwill be,” said Barry Smith, Cambridge karate teacher. He walks across the shiny wooden floor, eyeing… [read more]

Musashi’s Nine Precepts

Miyamoto Musashi [full name: Ben no Suke Shinmen Genshin no Fujiwara no Kami Miyamoto Musashi Masana no Kensei] was the greatest swordsman in the history of Japan. He lived in the 17th century, and his… [read more]

A Short Story About Sensei Bronson

By Sensei Larry Jackson c. February, 2002 A short story about Sensei Bronson. About a year ago she asked me to help her accomplish a task. She wanted to become a third degree black belt… [read more]