Steven Dawson

Stephen Dawson was born in Morristown New Jersey in 1968. He currently works in the forklift industry for Toyota in the Mid-Atlantic region. He started training with Sensei Muhs in 1991 when a close friend who wanted to try martial arts bet him a case of beer he would not last six weeks. The friend stopped training due to a knee injury after about a month in. Steve was recognized by the Order of Isshin Ryu as a Sho Dan in 1996 and Yon Dan in 2006. He has also trained in Shorin Ryu and Chi Ling Pai Kung Fu.

A wise man once told him that If it wasn’t tall and hard to climb it would not be a mountain, and a mountain can be climbed one step at a time through wind and rain and snow if one is determined enough. This can be applied not only to martial arts but the rest of life as well.