Sensei Ron Cimorosi

Sensei Ronnie Cimorose started Karate in the Order of Isshinryu in 1984 following the suggestion of his father to study under Master Toby Cooling.

 Sensei Cimorose received his black belt in 1989. He trained 6 out of 7 nights training with instructors such as Master Toby Cooling, Master Bud Ewing, Sensei Juan Lopez, Sensei Larry Jackson, Sensei Danny Cross and would travel 2hrs one way to train under Sensei Barry Smith in Cambridge Md.

Sensei Cimorose was granted permission by Master Toby Cooling to open his first Dojo in 1990 in Elkton Md and since that time he has taught hundreds of students but has only promoted 15 due to Black belt due to high standards.

Sensei Cimorose spent most of his time in the 1990’s running his dojo and competing in tournaments and Shia’s throughout the Northeastern states. He was a member of the Order of Isshinryu demonstration team performing and promoting Isshinryu throughout the MD/DE/PA area.

In 1994 Sensei Cimorose received IHOF instructor of the year award in Pigeon forge Tenn presented to him by Master Harold Long.

For over 10 yrs he taught self-defense classes at the Cecil County Battered Women’s Shelter as well as the Cecil County Rape Prevention Center. Sensei Cimorose upon request has taught women’s self-protection classes in major corporations throughout Maryland and Delaware as well as children’s classes for Cecil county school district.

Sensei Cimorose promotes the Order of Isshinryu by teaching seminars, and traveling to other dojo’s

In the late 90’s Sensei Cimorose became a member of the Board of director of the Order of Isshinryu, after spending several years as a member he worked his way up to president, he served a year as President and is currently acting as vice president.

Sensei Cimorose was promoted to Roku-Dan in 2006 and received his Nana-Dan in 2011 under Master Toby Cooling.

In 2014 Sensei Cimorose was inducted into the Isshinryu Hall of Fame in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Sensei Cimorose along with being an active member of the Board of directors teaches a children’s class and an adult class back to back two nights a week along with private and additional classes on the weekends at the Hombu Dojo of the Order of Isshinryu. He balances his time with his wife Cheryl and his daughter Julia when he’s not teaching in the Dojo.