Fall Shiai 2014

It was a big day on October 11 when the Order of Isshin-Ryu gathered for the yearly Fall Shiai. In addition to the usual competitions, a promotion ceremony was held for two notable members.

Denshi was very proud to promote his student of 47 years, Barry Smith, to  ku-dan (9th degree black belt). Master Smith is one of the founding members of the OI. You can read more about him on the OI website: http://www.isshinryu.net/black-belts/master-barry-smith/

 Also promoted at the ceremony was Sensei William Sullivan, to hachi-dan (8th degree black belt). Master Sullivan’s training began in the Marine Corps, where he served a tour in Viet Nam. He met fellow Maryland State Trooper Barry Smith in 1978 and began his journey in Isshin-Ryu training. He is a valued member of the OI senior dan ranks. You can read more about him at the OI website: http://www.isshinryu.net/black-belts/sensei-bill-sullivan/

 Also recognized at their next level were:

  • Drew Bullock, Junior Black Belt
  • Harold Townsend, ik-kyu
  • Justin Arce, ni-kyu
  • Tony Lane, ni-kyu 
  • Thad Gough, elevated to shodan-ho.