2014 Summer Shiai Hosts Various Honored Guests

Submitted by: Dan Popp, Roku-dan

Elkton, Maryland – June 20 & 21, 2014.  The annual Summer Order of Isshin Ryu shiai weekend kicked off with a seminar held at Hombu Dojo on Friday evening.  Guest instructors for the seminar included:  Master Robert Kristensen (Grapevine, TX), Master Carl Martin (West Chester, PA), as well as ShoShihan Yoshihito Sakimukai (Jacksonville, FL).

The Saturday shiai was another great day of competition and demonstrations.  The following guests were in attendance:

  • Don Nash, 9th dan
  • Reese Rigby, 9th dan
  • Bob Kristensen, 8th dan
  • Keith Vitale, 8th dan
  • Carl Martin, 8th dan
  • Yoshihito Sakimukai, 7th dan
  • Roxanne Marcum, 7th dan
  • Maria Kristensen, 6th dan

Sensei Ronnie Cimorose’s kids’ class provided a great demonstration.  Playing the part of an arrogant passerby during the kids’ practice of Seisan kata, Sensei Cimorose was reminded that big things come in small packages!  SoShihan Sakimukai and several students of Chintokan performed a kobudo set of tuifa vs. bo.  An outstanding example of focus with Okinawan weaponry!

The following promotions were made at the conclusion of the shiai:

  • Sensei David Ginn – San dan
  • Doug Rogers and Robert Cole – Ni dan
  • Thad Gough, Zane Fanning – Ik kyu
  • Shelby Kilmon – Ni kyu
  • Michael Kilmon, Kathleen Whitby – San kyu
  • Casey Short – Yon-kyu

Following the shiai everyone was treated to a great picnic at Master Ewing’s house where bonds continue to grow.