2014 February Shiai

Master Cooling, Master Ewing, Master Latimer, Master Smith

Master Cooling, Master Ewing, Master Latimer, Master Smith

Our shiai on February 8, 2014 was a blast! We started on time and were able to get everyone on the road for home by 1:30 PM before the snow began.

In addition to the regular competition, a “Sensei Says” competition was held and Shihan-dai David Chandlee and Sensei Andy Rodriguez of the So Budo Kai performed an iaido (art of drawing the sword) and jo (short staff) demonstration. There was also an opportunity for group kumite, where everyone from white belt to senior dan could kumite with members other than from their own dojo.

Congratulations to these members who were recognized at their next level:

  • Kurt Kline – Nana-dan (7th dan)
  • Chris Taggart – San-dan (3rd dan)
  • Andy Larrimore – Elevated to shodan-ho
  • Andrew Bullock – Ik-kyu
  • Mike Watson – Ni-kyu
  • Thad Gough – Ni-kyu
  • Richard Dixon – San-Kyu
  • Tony Lane – .San-kyu
  • Javic Patel – San-kyu
  • Mark Harrison – San-kyu
  • Shelby Kilmon – San-kyu
  • Elmer Melendez – Yon-kyu
  • Sandra Lane – Yon-kyu

Winner of the Sensei Says contest: Jacob Bullock, Elkton Dojo.