Wrestling Seminar

Wrestling SeminarThis past Saturday, Sensei Tyree provided the OI with an opportunity to better your wrestling skills. This seminar was put on by two of his students, both of whom are quite proficient in their wrestling abilities. The instructors were Josh Snook and Tyler Pendergrass. They have wrestled in Delaware since they were kids. Josh has a full scholarship at university of Maryland and Tyler a full scholarship at Binghamton University for wrestling. Both were Delaware state champions in their respective weight classes.

The session started with a brief warm up and then right in to some shooting drills. We lined up and practiced shooting across the floor. For those that had never done any wrestling, it was quite an experience. From there we went into practicing the double leg takedown, single leg takedown and then finally the ankle pick. Wrestling SeminarAfter demonstrating each technique the instructors allowed us time to work on them with a partner. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions/scenarios. We ended the day working on the sprawl, or takedown defense. One interesting take away from that is that most people believe the sprawl is performed just kicking your legs straight back. The instructors informed us that an experience wrestler will still be able to take you down by doing that. It’s actually better to turn the hip slightly and drive your hip in to your opponent.

All in all it was a great workout and a chance to become more well-rounded martial artists for all that attended. I’m sure most of us are still feeling it today. Thank you Sensei Tyree for providing us with this opportunity, and special thanks to Josh and Tyler for their excellent instruction.

Sensei Harris