Rocky Mountain Combat Conference II

Submitted by: Dan Popp, Roku-dan

RMCCII ParticipantsColorado Springs, CO – February 2, 2013.  John Petrone’s martial arts school, The Defense Institute, in Colorado Springs hosted Rocky Mountain Combat Conference II – with the focus being knife tactics and defense.  All proceeds from this event were donated to New York City victims of Hurricane Sandy from October 2012.  Sensei Diane Ortenzio-Cooling, Sensei Dan Popp, and Sensei Richard Muhs attended the 6-hour seminar which provided a variety of martial arts backgrounds and experience levels.  An outstanding line-up of instructors headlined the event including:

  • Anthony Darkstar (Apache Knife Tactics)
  • Sgt Travis Hearne (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)
  • Eric Taimanglo (Rocky Mountain Kali Group)
  • GM Shelley Millspaugh (Kombatan)
  • Guro Mike Jennings (Filipino Combat Systems)
  • Shihan John Petrone (Vee-Arnis-Jitsu)

Each of these instructors imparted various aspects of knife defense and usage.  In addition, there was material presented covering the psychological aspects of defense and general awareness concepts not necessarily related to facing a knife attack.  This was informative and relevant, especially to those in attendance with minimal martial arts experience.

The following day Sensei Ortenzio and Sensei Popp had the opportunity to train in Kombatan with GM Shelley Millspaugh, a 9th dan (Lakan Siyam) under the late Ernesto Presas.  Shelley is the founder of Kapatiran Mandirigma and Kadena Kruzada Eskrima.  The 2-hour session covered various aspects of Kombatan including solo baston (long range), Kombatan classical striking, and espada y daga (sword and dagger).

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