2012 Gasshuku Forges Friendships and Knowledge

Submitted by: Dan Popp, Roku-dan

Elkton, MD – October 13 – 14, 2012.  The latest gasshuku hosted by the Order of Isshin Ryu was a multi-faceted event.  Seminars covered a range of martial arts with origins from such countries as China, Okinawa, Philippines, and the United States.  An outstanding line-up of instructors headlined the event on Saturday:

  • Hanshi Toby Cooling (Pressure Point)
  • Grandmaster Rick Manglinong (Kombatan, Modern Arnis)
  • Master Isham Latimer (Hsin Yi Liu He Bafa, Chi-ryu Jujitsu)
  • Master Carl Martin (Isshin-ryu)
  • Sensei Ron Tyree (Grappling)
  • Sensei Andy Rodriguez (Shorin-ryu)

The Japanese word gasshuku literally translates to “together under one roof.” Along with exposure to various martial arts, the purpose of the gasshuku was to join together with fellow martial artists and build strong bonds.  Master Nick Adler and Master Marilyn Fierro traveled from New York to join the day’s events. A wealth of knowledge and instruction was provided to the attendees covering over seven hours.   It’s been stated the various martial arts styles are transparent at a certain point.  As the day evolved and different martial arts were covered, it became apparent just how much the various styles blend together.  All in attendance agreed future gasshuku must be held to continue development of our skills and the commonalities we all share as martial artists.

Sunday’s shiai was reserved for the mudansha ranks.  The day was very competitive and the following students advanced in rank:

  • Andrew Bullock, San-kyu
  • Jacob Bullock, Yon-kyu
  • Thad Gough, Yon-kyu
  • Maribell Lopez, Yon-kyu
  • Bryan Cardona, Yon-kyu

In addition, Sensei Dan Popp was recognized as Lakan Isa (1st degree black belt) in Presas Style Arnis by Grandmaster Rick Manglinong and Sensei Diane Ortenzio.