2012 Summer Shiai

2012 Summer Shiai - Junior White Belt Fighting

2012 Summer Shiai - Junior White Belt Fighting

June 23rd & 24th; the 2012 Order of Isshinryu summer workout and Shiai was held.

Saturday’s Workout

The workout was open to karate-ka age 13 years and older and with the rank of Orange belt and above. The schedule was as follows:

  1. Warm Ups with Sensei Knox
  2. Self-defense drills with Mr. Robinette and Ms Knapp
  3. Sensei Jimenez led a class on Kotekitai and fighting angles
  4. Picnic at Master Ewing’s house (following sessions at Hombu dojo)

On Sunday the good times continued.

Despite the heat, a noisy roof ventilator, and a kumite knockout, smiling faces and camaraderie were abundant for the event. Testing for rank was the first order of the day. Master Ewing stressed this was time for evaluations and not a teaching seminar. With this in mind the time spent with the candidates was both efficient and effective.

Juniors were up next. It was great to see so many young people with a yearning or desire to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of the art.

Mr. Ginn and his students put on a Demo performing Seisan kata and a skit, demonstrating their awareness of Stranger Danger and Purse-Snatching Prevention. Sensei Cimorose gathered participants for a game of “Sensei Says”. Many contestants were quickly eliminated early on as “Sensei” didn’t say… When the order was given to close their eyes, the pressure built. One by one, karate-ka dropped. With only two contestants left, eyes closed, (and an impromptu repositioning), the command was given and Mr. Smith, from the Hombu Dojo, was victorious.

Ms Knapp, Jerry Robinette, and a few of their students made the trek from Australia to visit. Together they put on a demo performing selft-defense and a number of take-downs for the crowd.

It was a pleasure to have Master Carl Martin and family in attendance for our Shiai. Master Martin offered up a prayer in the Black Belt meeting that was quite moving to say the least. Thank you Master Martin.

The following Blackbelt Promotions Were Made

  • Mike Magill 4th Dan
  • Gregorio Sanchez 2nd Dan
  • David Caldwell 2nd Dan
  • Laura Hough 1st Dan
  • Jeff Morton 1st Dan