2012 Order of Isshinryu Winter Shiai

Bohemia Manor High School, Chesapeake City, MD.

Submitted by, Joseph Nickle – Sho-Dan (Elkton Dojo)

The Winter Shiai was held February 5th, 2012. Those attending had the opportunity to witness the finest of competitions. Karate-ka faced the fiercest of competitors, the best of the best, the elite of the Martial Arts World; themselves.

Evaluations were held first. Those going up for rank were given the opportunity to confirm their ability to a knowledgeable testing panel.

Sensei Cimorose held his “Sensei Says” competition. With the assistance of the Black Belt referees, they navigated through the maze of participants. One by one, Sensei took them down. In the end, one contestant was left standing. His eyes closed, and performing commands on cue, he was surrounded by an impressive ring of Black Belts. I can only imagine what was going through his head when he opened his eyes to find he was, “The Last Man Standing”. Congratulations to all; Moms and Dads were as entertained as the participants.

A well performed Sai vs. Bo demonstration was held next with Sensei Cimorose wielding his Sai against his opponents, Sensei Harris, Mr. Waldridge, and Mr. Caldwell, all equipped with Bo. The attackers were disarmed and laid to rest.

An excellent demo of Seisan kata was performed by Sensei Sullivan, followed by Master Ewing giving a brief history and performance of ‘Tamarateseishan’ kata; the grandfather of our Seisan kata.

Round Robin fighting gave everyone a chance to experience the fighting techniques of students from different dojo. Many thanks to Master Martin and his students for taking time to attend and participate in our Shiai.

The following Black Belt promotions were made on this date.

  • Sensei Ronnie Cimorose, Nana-Dan
  • Sensei Dan Popp, Roku-Dan
  • Mr. Larry Waldridge, Ni-Dan
  • Mr. Bob Foard, Sho-Dan
  • Mr. Nathan Deguzman, Sho-Dan.

Congratulations to all!