2010 International Isshinryu Hall of Fame

Submitted by: John McNair – San-kyu (Harrisburg dojo)

Gatlinburg, TN:  The International Isshinryu Hall of Fame (www.ihof.us) held its annual event in Knoxville TN July 23-25. Isshinryu practitioners from all over the country and the world gather each year to induct deserving martial artists into the Hall of Fame, recognize outstanding achievements in other areas, and to compete against one another.  Master Cooling has long been very instrumental in growing and advancing the Hall of Fame. Master Ewing currently serves on the Hall of Fame Board.

The OI was represented this year by Master Cooling, Master Ewing, Ortenzio Sensei, Popp Sensei and Mr. McNair. Master Cooling conducted a seminar presenting his 20 wrist locks.

Master Ewing and Ortenzio Sensei were very involved in judging various events. Popp Sensei and Mr. McNair competed in the tournament. Both finished in 2nd place in open hand kata in their respective divisions. While our numbers were minimal relative to other organizations, the OI was well represented and had a positive impact on the event.

The Hall of Fame weekend provides for a very enjoyable martial arts experience. Participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with many of the legends of Isshinryu karate, recognize outstanding achievers, and test their skills by competing against the best Isshinryu practitioners in the country. The dates for the event next year are posted on the Hall of Fame web site. Please do try to make the event if you can.