2010 Order of Isshin-Ryu Summer Shiai

Bohemia Manor High School, Chesapeake City, MD:  The summer shiai was dedicated to Sho-dan Frank Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz became an OI black belt in February 2009. Just after becoming a Sho-dan, Mr. Schwartz was diagnosed with AML. Mr. Schwartz fought for many months but finally succumbed to the disease in May 2010. Mr. Schwartz will always be remembered as an OI warrior.

On June 26th the Order of Isshin-Ryu gathered for their annual summer shiai. The seminar presented on Saturday featured Master Cooling, Master Ewing, and Sensei Kline. The three hour seminar began with Sensei Goodyear leading exercises. Master Ewing focused on all the kyu-rank katas. Each kata was performed by all.

Master Ewing answered questions about kata lineage and bunkai after each kata was performed. Master Cooling then provided us an opportunity to learn the “Toby 20”. The “Toby 20” are twenty different sequential grappling technics which allow controlling an opponent. Unfortunately, time restrictions limited the review of all the 20. However, all those who participated know the 10 well.

Sensei Kline finished the seminar with instruction on basic fighting technics. The principles taught by Sensei Kline included: posturing, pre-altercation snap shot, and lunge technics. All participating karateka then sparred with various other karateka to practice the lessons. With attendance from numerous OI dojos, the seminar was a great success and provided everyone involved with a great learning experience. The day concluded with the traditional OI picnic. Once again, the Ewing family provided their gracious hospitality, and camaraderie with OI family members was further strengthened.

On Sunday June 27th, the shiai started with kyu evaluations and then proceeded to a memorial for Sho-dan Frank Schwartz. Master Cooling, Sensei Muhs, Mr. Nolan, and Frank’s brother spoke during the memorial. Mr. Schwartz was unable to attend a Shiai as a black belt. In his place, the entire Schwartz family attended the shiai to honor Mr. Schwartz. All attending OI members performed Seisan Kata in memory of Mr. Schwartz.

After the memorial the shiai started the kyu-rank kata and kumite completions. The black belts then performed their kata and ended with a team sparring completion. Afterward, the entire gymnasium was opened for round robin sparring. The round robin sparring provided opportunities for kyu ranks to spar other ranks to help increase their sparring capabilities. Overall, the shiai was a great success with numerous outstanding performances from all ranks.

Master Martin was a special guest along with several of his students. Master Martin has previously attended past shiai’s.

The shiai concluded with the following Dan rank promotions:

  • Sensei Costanzo, Nana-dan
  • Sensei Goodyear, Nana-dan
  • Sensei Tyree, Nana-dan