Modern Arnis Seminar

Submitted by: Dan Popp, Go-Dan

Hombu Dojo, Elkton, MD – April 26, 2008:  Sensei Popp conducted a Modern Arnis seminar covering various basics within the art.  The seminar was scheduled by the Order of Isshin Ryu Board of Directors for 2008.  There were 26 members of all ranks in attendance representing 8 different dojo within the OI.

Sensei Popp covered the first 5 striking “zones” of Arnis and the respective stick disarming techniques of those 5 strikes.  Flow with your striking was discussed and worked into the session against practice partners and heavy bags.  The workout progressed to single stick sinawali drills such as basic figure eight, reverse figure eight, etc.  All of the participants picked up the drills rather quickly.  The two-hour session ended with Sensei Popp and Mr. Robinette providing a demonstration of double stick sinawali exercises that the Modern Arnis student learns with further training.

Special thanks are extended to Sensei’s McDonald and Costanzo who not only provided assistance during the seminar, but also opened up their dojo to Sensei Popp several weeks ago to help develop the seminar agenda.  Sensei Popp noted because everyone learned so quickly and the enthusiasm was so high, further seminars will be scheduled this year to progress everyone’s interest in learning more drills from Modern Arnis.